About Us

Finding the right caterer for your event can quickly become an overwhelming chore; especially, when your guest list is made up of people with varying dietary requirements and seemingly opposing tastes. We’ve all been there, and we know just how frustrating it can be!

But before you throw in the towel, or worse, settle for second best, let me first introduce you to Hog Roast Cheadle. What was born almost three decades ago from our love of hog roasting, has now grown to be one of the country’s most renowned catering services, and it is with great pleasure and pride that we can cater to all sorts of dietary needs.

Now, with the freedom to handle any event at virtually any location in the vicinity of this historic town, Hog Roast Cheadle is committed to inclusivity and serving a range of flavourful menus that your guests will be talking about for years to come. For more information regarding our set menus, prices and other services, get in touch with our team today, because, with us involved, your celebrations will be off to a great start!

Hog Roast Cheadle – Barbeque Weather

On the rare occasion that the sun is shining here in the UK, it’s time to get the garden furniture out of the shed and start celebrating!

For most people, a barbeque is a great excuse to get the family round for an afternoon of indulgence. But what if we told you that by getting Hog Roast Cheadle involved, you can make these traditional celebrations even better than they are already?

While hog roasts are our speciality, we also offer luxurious BBQ options; including delicious, 100% beef, handmade burgers, juicy hot dogs, gourmet linked sausages, sticky ribs, and so much more! These summer favourites, paired with a fork-tender barbequed pork butt are guaranteed to elevate your garden get-togethers with ease.

We Make Sure No-One Is Left Out

Have you ever attended an event or celebration and found there wasn’t anything on the menu that piqued your interest? Of course, having your guests stop off for dinner on the way home is a sure-fire way of putting a dampener on their evening, but it’s also every host’s worst nightmare. Thankfully, at Hog Roast Cheadle, you won’t ever have that problem!

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say, it again. Inclusivity is at our core, and it’s one of the most important things we have to offer our clients. Yes, this means that along with our signature slow-roasted pig feasts, we also provide other rotisserie-cooked meats – and even fish – as well as a full range of vegan and vegetarian options, side dishes, antipasti platters, appetisers, condiments and desserts.

Indoor And Outdoor Catering

When the weather is nice, we find that the option of alfresco dining is desirable for many of our customers and clients. Paired with our gazebos, which can hold hundreds of guests, and outdoor furniture, this serving style is fantastic for large, outdoor weddings or even cosy garden get-togethers.

But, as well as being ideal for open-air events, our equipment also allows us to cook indoors with equal ease. This is due to the fact that our machines run on gas canisters instead of electricity, and even our largest, pieces of cooking equipment are compact and lightweight enough to be set up in small, enclosed spaces. As long as there’s enough space for our chef, a hog roasting machine and a small serving table, Hog Roast Cheadle can serve a smashing meal.